Best betting tools in 2019 [the complete list]

boss of betting
By: boss

Posted on: January 30, 2019, Last updated: January 30, 2019

Hi, I am the boss of betting and I want to share you my betting tools list which I use for my picks. Advices in my article can be used for football betting, basketball, tennis, horse racing, mma and e-sports.

Universal Sport betting tools

Universal tools which can be used for all kinds of sports. Here you can find calculators, useful resources and articles. It can help you to improve your betting for the next level and to have much better ROI on the distance.

Accumulator calculator – easy-to-use 3, 4, 5 fold accumulator calculator from me 🙂 Just input your odds and get final result, it’s very easy.

Arbitrage Calculator – very informative arbitrage calculator from Pinnacle. Can be used for 2 and 3-way markets types + available odds formats (decimal, american, fractional).

For example: you have an arbitrage situation with odds 2.00 and 2.19 in 2-way bet. So you input your odds and Pinnacle calculate to you stake and estimated profit for hedging.

Odds Converter Calculator – must-have tool for converting 3 types of odds. You need to input just 1 of types odds and others are calculated by scrypt.

Margin Calculator – it’s very important tool for value betting strategies. There you can calculate bookmakers margin and fair probability. For example if you see 1.92 – 1.92 2-way odds:

bookmakers probability is 52.08%, but real probability without margin is 50% and bookmaker’s margin is 52.08-50=2.08%. So you need to have advantage more than 2.08% to beat bookie on the distance. That is value betting. – this is must-have tools for all professional tipsters. Why this portal is so important and usable?

First of all, you can find the best odds from all popular bookies in one page.

If you want to place bet for match Liverpool – Leicester you can find best odds for all 3 ways (or 2 ways for handicap betting) and can have an advantage of 0.03-0.1 points (or even more). It’s very important on the distance of 1000 bets and more and this simple advise can make your betting profitable!

Also with this service you can search arbitrage situation for arbitrage betting. In this match you can get 0.3% of profit.

Also you can see opening odds, time and track odds movement in each bookie and see massive and strange market changes. – one of the best (and my favorite) website to track match results of all sports. Good H2H statistics, standings, live translations, push notifications, Android and iOS apps. If you want to be in pulse – add the site to the bookmarks.

Half-Point Calculator – calculates the value of buying or selling half-points for MLB totals and NBA, NFL, NCAA Basketball, and NCAA Football spreads and totals.

Football betting tools

First of all, you can use all the resources mentioned above and…. – unique football data, team/football players stats and ratings, standings, previews, match reports, player comparisons and many other useful information. and – advanced football statistic with BBTS, Average goals per game, Totals, Cards and Corners. – amazing football statistics with odds comparisons, standings, teams comparisons.