Asian handicap in betting

This guide will be useful for newbies in betting. I’ll try to explain popular asian handicaps for both sides “-” and “+”.

All examples on this page will be for football (soccer) matches, so if you bet on other sports – let me know and I will help you with explanation of your bets.

Handicap 0

It’s basic asian handicap for both teams with mostly equal strength and chances to win. You can see this handicap when there isn’t favorite in the match.

Asian handicap 0 = draw no bet for each team.

For example, match between Orebro and Helsingborg

We have these odds:

Orebro to win Draw Helsingborg to win
2.55 3.30 2.70

As you can see, odds for Orebro and Helsingborg are mostly similar and we have asian handicap 0 goals

For example, bet 365 provides these odds

What does it means? If you bet on Orebro or Helsingborg you will have a return when match ends with a draw, win if your team will win the match and lose your bet when your team lose the match.

-0.25 and +0.25

It’s also popular half handicap which is combined by 2 asian handicaps: Asian handicap 0 and Asian handicap 0.5

Handicap -0.25 goals = 0 goals + -0.5 goals handicap

Handicap +0.25 goals = 0 goals + 0.5 goals handicap

What does it means?

For example, you bet on match Liverpool vs Man City and pick Liverpool -0.25 goals with odd 1.90 and bet size =$100

  • If Liverpool lose the match with any result – you lose your bet.
  • Any draw in the match- your bet will be divided into 2 parts: $50 with asian handicap (o) and $50 with asian handicap (-0.5). And you will have return for the 1st part of your bet (handicap 0 goals) and lose of the second part (-0.5). In the sum you will lose $50 of your $100 bet.
  • Liverpool win with any result – you will win your full bet 1.90*$100=$190.

+0.5 goal and -0.5 goal (half goal handicap)

It’s also very popular (maybe the most popular) asian handicap in football matches when you have favorite and outsider of the match.

For example.

Liverpool vs Chelsea


Liverpool to win – 1.99

Draw – 3.21

Chelsea to win – 4.04

And odds for handicap 0.5 goal

Liverpool -0.5 goal @2.04

Chelsea +0.5 goal @1.90

For example, you pick -0.5 for Liverpool with odds @2.04 and $100 bet. With handicap +-0.5 goal you have just 2 possible results:

  1. Liverpool to win with any result – you win your bet. 2.04*$100 = +$204
  2.  Draw with any result or Chelsea won the match – you lose your bet. Result = -$100

Handicap -0.75 and +0.75

Asian handicap 0.75 – it’s combined handicap of 0.5 and 1 goals. This handicap is similar to +-0.25 but with bigger margin.

To win handicap -0.75 goals your team must to win with margin 2 goals or more.

Winning margin with – goal – half win.

To win handicap +0.75 goals tour team must to win (or draw with any score).

Lose with 1 goal margin – half lose.

For example. Match Barcelona vs Real Madrid and bet = $100

Barcelona handicap -0.75 goals odd @1.95

Real Madrid handicap +0.75 goals odd @1.95

With handicap 0.75 there are 4 possible results: win/ half win/ half lose / lose

If you bet on Barcelona -0.75 goals ($100)

  • Win. If Barcelona won with margin 2 or more goals (for example, 2-0, 3-0, 3-1, 4-1 and more). Result: 100*1.95 = +$195
  • Half win. If Barcelona won with margin exactly 1 goal (with any score) your bet will be divided into 2 equal parts ($50) and calculated with handicap -1 and -0.5 goal. Result: $50*1=50 – return for bet -1 goals and $50 * 1.95 = +$97.5. Total = $50 + $97.5 = +$147.5
  • Lose. If Barcelona lost match or draw with any score. Result: -$100.

If you bet on Real Madrid +0.75 goals asian handicap ($100)

  • Win. Any win by Real Madrid or draw in the match. You win your full bet. Result: 100*1.95 = +$195
  • Half lose. If Real Madrid lost match by 1 goal margin. You have 2 parts of bet +0.5 goal and +1 goal and 1 part of bet (+0.5 goal) lost and 2 part (+1 goal) won. Total = 0 + $50*1.95 = $97.5
  • Lose. If Real Madrid lost the match with margin 2 goals or more.

+1 and -1 goal

This asian handicap contains 3 possible results

  • Win
  • Return (Stake refund)
  • Lose

If you bet on -1 goal handicap.

Your team must to win with margin 2 goal or more to win your bet. Win by 1 goal – stake refund. Draw in the match or lose for your team with any score – lose.

If you bet on +1 goal asian handicap.

Your team won the match with any score or draw in the match – bet won. If your team lost by 1 goal – stake refunded. If your team lost by 2 goals margin or more – your bet lost.

-1.5 goals and +1.5 goals

You can see this asian handicap in matches when odds for favorite of the match are very low (from 1.2 to 1.4) and team can to win the match with margin 2 goals or more. Asian handicap +-1.5 goals is similar to handicap +-0.5 goal, but with bigger margin.

And there are just 3 possible results:

  • Win
  • Stake refund
  • Lose

If you bet on -1.5 goals your team must to win a match with margin 2 goals or more and than you win your bet, any other result in the match (win by 1 goal, draw or lose) – lose.

If you bet on +1.5 goals asian handicap, your lose your bet just when your team lose a match with margin by 2 goals or more, and any other result – win.


It were basic asian handicaps in football betting and any other handicaps -2, -2.25, -2.5, -2.75, -3 goals and more are derived from these handicaps and are calculated according to the same rules.

So if you understand how works handicaps -0.25, -0.5 and -0.75 goals, you will not have any problems with other asian handicaps in betting.

But if you have any questions about anything in this article or you don’t understand something – feel free to write your problem on comments and I will try to help you with it.

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