What does draw no bet mean in betting?

The definition: draw no bet (DNB) is a betting market which removes the outcome of a draw on three-way markets, allowing bettors to bet on either a home or away win.

In other words, you have an insurance against last minutes goals and poor referee decisions against your team.

Usually this kind of bets use in football markets where are three-way odds. You can’t find this picks in tennis or basketball, because there are just 2 results: win for 1st or 2nd team.

An Example of draw no bet market in bet 365

Football, English Premier League. Wolverhampton v Newcastle

It’s usual market with 3-way odds and picks on correct score. But a little lower you can see draw no bet odds:

There 3-way market becomes into 2-way market.

If you bet on draw no bet market (for example, we place a bet on Newcastle with odds 3.40 and stake $100) there are just 3 possible results:

  1. Wolverhampton won. We lost our bet and our result is -$100
  2. The Draw. We have refund for our pick and our profit is $0.
  3. Newcastle won. We win our bet and have profit = $100*3.4=$340-$100=$240.

So, you can bet on “draw no bet” market when you pick underdogs and you are too afraid for betting on odds 4.00 and more (with this type of odds you are getting reinsured and have refund your bet where a match finishes with draw).

It was an explanation for single bets, but there are many bettors who love accumulator bets and “draw no bet” can be included in accumulators too.

How to calculate and convert draw no bet odds form 1×2 odds

If you want to know what is margin of bookmakers odds for DNB odds you can convert 1×2 odds for these formulas:

Home Draw No Bet odds = (1- (1/1X2 draw odds)) * 1X2 home odds


Away Draw No Bet odds = (1- (1/1X2 draw odds)) * 1X2 away odds

How draw no bet works in accumulator

If you pick DNB in accumulator, they calculated as a “usual” bets, even if there are just 1 DNB pick of 3 bets or more.

For example: we have an accumulator with 3 picks and stake $10:

  1. Arsenal – Southampton 1-x-2 odds – (1.45 – 4.8 – 7.18) and pick Arsenal with odds @1.45
  2. West Ham – Fulham and asian handicap for Fulham (+1) @1.53
  3. Our draw no bet pick. Manchester Utd – Liverpool. Pick: Liverpool DNB with odds 1.79

If our 1, 2, or 3rd bet lose, we will lose all our accumulator and $10

What draw no beat mean in accumulator?

But if we have a return for our 3rd bet (DNB) this bet in our accumulator will be estimated with odds = 1.00 and result: 1.45 * 1.53 * 1=2.22 – the final odds and our profit is 2.22*$10=$22.2 minus our bet $10 = $12.2.

So, you can make your accumulators with draw no bet picks and they will be calculated as a “usual” picks with the same rules, but there can be 1 more way – return for your bet with odds =1 but all other picks in accumulator will be working.

Popular bookmakers which provides DNB bets

  • Bet365
  • Williamhill
  • Marathonbet
  • Unibet
  • 1xbet
  • Bwin
  • Coral

When to use DNB

  • If you want to place bet on outsider with with odds and want to have an insurance for a draw in the match.
  • If weather conditions are not very good for high quality football.
  • If one of the teams needs to defend their previous result an draw will be enough to go forward (Champions League play-offs and Cups).

Alternatives for DNB

If your favorite bookmaker do not provides draw no bet, you can place your bet for Asian Handicap 0 and you also will have return if the match ends with a draw.


DNB is a good was if you are scary to place bets with high odds and needs insurance. You will have more chances to win the bet, but you odds will be lower than 1×2 picks.

Also you need to calculate margin for DNB (usually it can be higher than on 1×2 markets) and this bet can be with bad value on the distance.

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