How to always win football bets

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Posted on: March 18, 2019.

First of all, you can not win bets always, it’s impossible! But you can improve accuracy of yours predictions, have an advantage above bookie and money profit.

This article for those who want to make money profit from betting, want to become a professional gambler and don’t play just for fun.

This tips can be used not just for football, but for other sports too. Let’s go!

  1. Manage your bankroll. Invalid bankroll management is one of the main reasons of losing money by newbies and experienced handicappers. Don’t overbet, but calculate the size of your bets after every match. Don’t raise the size of bets after losIf you don’t know what percentage of your bankroll you should bet, you can read my article –
  2. Make bets for that sport what you know about. It’s common newbies mistake, they try to make as many bets as they can. They start to make predictions on cricket, waterpolo, ATP, WTA, Australian Rules Football and other sports where they haven’t professional opinion. If you love football and know all about it – focus on this sport and try to make your betting more accuracy.
  3. Analyze bets history. Write all your bets into ExĐüel or Google Sheets. It helps you to know where you lose money and where win. Write info about odds, pick, size of bet, data, sport and other. Then with filters you can analyze your betting history and know what odds and teams are profitable to you, and what aren’t.
  4. Watch football matches. Don’t make your bets only on statistical information from services like whoscored or flashscore. Yes, you will have info about last matches of both teams, scores, injuries and other important things. But it’s not enough for successful betting. You need to watch matches, because you will have much more information about style of playing of each team in the League, how teams play in 1st and 2nd half, can they make comeback after 0:2 and many other important information. Remember that 90% of bettors don’t watch matches because sometimes it can be boring. Don’t be like 90% bettors, be the best 10% ­čÖé
  5. Don’t bet on your favorite team. Are you a fan of Arsenal, Liverpoll or Chelsea? Don’t bet on your favorite team, because you need to have impartial opinion about both teams of the match if you want to win football bets. Bettors who make predictions on their favorite teams make many mistakes and can to place bet for favorite team even if it is in bad conditions or has some problems with players or coach. This bets will be unprofitable on the distance.
  6. Find the best odds. You can use for searching the best odds form more than 50 bookies. You can think that 1.51 in your favorite bookie and 1.54 in other bookie for Liverpool’s win isn’t a big difference. But this 0.03 can make your betting profitable on the distance by 1000 bets and more. Remember that every 0.01 is very, very important. If you can get coefficient higher on 0.01 – 0.10, don’t miss this opportunity. Use as much bookies as you can and you will get the best odds.

Using this easy 6 advices will help you improve your betting very much. Good luck.

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