How to change odds to decimal / fractional on Bet365

Hi, my young bettors. Now I gonna show you how to change odds to decimal or fractional using Bet365’s website, mobile version or app.

Let’s start with desktop version of

Open main page of bet365 and look into right top corner. There will be link “Odds” and starting parameter: Decimal, Fractional or American, depending on your location and IP address.

To change odds format you should to press on the link and then choose the odds type that you needed

That’s all. After it the page will be reloaded and odds format for the line will be changed.

How to change odds using mobile app (iOS or Android) and mobile version

If you use Bet365 mobile app on iPhone or Android devices or mobile version you might to open it and then you will see main page of this bookmaker:

Then scroll page to the bottom where you will see link “Preferences”

And go into it. Then you will see a page where you can choose Language and odds format

Then press on the box “Odds display” and choose your odds format.

After it page will be reloaded and you will see all matches with odds that you choosed. That’s all. If you have any questions – fell free to ask it in comments.

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