How to place an accumulator bet on Bet365

Bet 365 is one of the most popular bookies in the World and also they offers very good accumulators for football betting.

Today I will show you how to make an accumulator in bet365 using website, app and mobile website. I will show you an example for football betting, but you can use it for other sports too.

How to create an accumulator by website

Step 1. Open bet365 and log in into your account. You need to have minimum 1$ on your balance to place your bet.

Step 2. Choose your sport and league. In my example i will bet on English Premier League, but you can use different leagues and sports in your accumulator. The rules will be the same.

Step 3. Choose the first match. For example, my first bet will be on the match Man Utd v Watford (I pick MU with odds 1.40)

And then you need to choose one more match without placing a bet (minimum number of bets in accumulator = 2).

In my example i will pick 3 bets in my accumulator. The first was MU for @1.40

The second bet is Liverpool v Tottenham (for Liverpool 1.61)

As you can see we have 2 bets in our Bet Slip and now we can to order our accumulator, but we will pick one more match.

The third match in our accumulator: Arsenal v Newcastle (for Arsenal @1.36)

And now we can finish our accumulator. You need to see into the right column of website ( to Bet Slip)

There you can see:

  1. Final odds for your accumulator (3.08 in our example, it’s 1.4 * 1.61 * 1.36)
  2. Our stake. In my example $20. You need to enter your stake here if you want to order an accumulator. If you will enter odds at every of 3 matches in Bet Slip, it will be 3 single bets.
  3. Our payout including our bet and odds.

To finish an accumulator press yellow button (Place Bet) with the sum that you have entered.

How to create an accumulator by the App and mobile version

I will show you one more example, because mobile version of bet365 and mobile app bet365 are very similar and all steps will be the same.

Step 1. Open and Log in.

Step 2. Pick odds for your accumulator

1st match

2nd match

3rd match

After choosing the 3rd match press “Bet Slip”

Then you will see new page with all 3 bets. Enter the amount of your stake on the spot of Trebles (the last column). In my example it will be $20.

And finally press “Place Bet” and your accumulator will be finished.

You can pick more matches in your accumulator if you want. The algorithm will be the same.

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