How to use betting arbitrage calculator?

Hi, now I show you how you can use sports arbitrage calculator and have guaranteed profit in bookies.

Fist of all I recommend you to use arbitrage calculator from pinnacle – and all of my examples I will show with it.

3-ways arbitrage situation

For example we have an arbitrage situation in match Liverpool – Leicester

Our odds in Pinnacle:

Odds in bet365

Odds in Marathonbet

So if you will try to put odds in arbitrage calculator from just 1 bookie (for example,, you will have something like this:

Odds from

So we have a loss -$1.35 in all 3-ways. The same picture you will see in others bookies, but if you choose the highest odds from each bookie (1.275 to Liverpool from pinnacle, 7.40 for draw from bet365 and 14.50 to Leicester from Marathonbet) and input their in our calculator, we will have another situation:

arbitrage situation

With 3 bets and total stake = $126.02 we will have a guaranteed profit +$1.48 in every of 3 variants of the game.

2-ways arbitrage situation

It’s more simple example which often can be with total and handicap betting.

Total over/under 2.5 and odds

In bet365

In Unibet

We choose the best odds from each bookie and input them in our calc:

And have guaranteed profit with $6.50

This method and calculator can be used for each kind of sports and type of bets.

Use to find best odds in bookies and there you can find more betting loos that can improve your betting results –

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