What does pk mean in betting?

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Posted on: February 5, 2019.

The definition: Pk means the spread is 0 for each team, expressed as “Pick” or “PK”. This is also referred to casually as “a Pick’Em”.

It’s more americanized way to bet on soccer (football) games, but you can also see these picks in other sports.

You can see PK in bookie when two teams of approximately equal strength play each other.

For example PK odds in 5dimes:

Also you can see this odds in Pinnacle.

What does pk stand for in betting

PK is the same that asian handicap 0.

football odds in pinnacle.com

For example: Football, Portugal – LigaPro. Match between Famalicao and Club Sol de America. Odds for both teams win are almost equal (2.85 against 2.88) so we see Asian Handicap (0) with odds 1.909 and 1.952. PK could be written there and it would be the same.

Asian Handicap (0) = PK

And how to calculate it

For example, we place bet PK (Asian Handicap 0) for Famalicao with odds 1.909 and stake $100.

There are 3 possible ways:

  1. Draw 0-0, 1-1, 2-2, and more – you will have return for your bet. You will not win and lose nothing.
  2. Any win of Famalicao – we will have return $190.9 including our bet and pforit = $190.9 – $100 = $90.9.
  3. Any win for Club Sol de America – we will lose our bet ($100).

PK and +0.5 or -0.5 handicap

Also you can see something like this

odds in pinnacle.com

You can read this as Asian Handicap (0) + Asian Handicap (0.5) = Asian Handicap (0.25) it is an Asian Quarter Bet.

And how to calculate it

For example, we place bet for Pk and +0.5 for Al Hajer (KSA) with odds 1.84 and amount of $100. It’s equal to Asian Handicap +0.25 with odds 1.84

Here are 3 possible ways for our pick:

  1. Al-Mojzel (KSA) won the match and we lost our bet. Profit = -$100.
  2. Draw in the match with any result. Our bet divided into 2 equal parts $50 and $50. For the first $50 we will have a return (Asian Handicap 0) and for the second (Asian Handicap +0.5) we will have 1.84 * $50 = $92 and profit = $92 – $50 = $42.
  3. Al Hajer (KSA) won the match. Asian Handicap 0 and Asian Handicap +0.5 won and we have 1.84 * $50 + 1.84 * $50 = $92 + $92 = $184 and profit = $184 – $100 = $84.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask it in comments 🙂

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